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Capital Region Home Energy Audit

Getting a Home Energy Audit

The end of February is almost in the record books and we probably set some records for cold this year in the Capital Region. The Farmers Almanac predicted that this winter would be severe and they were spot on. I heat my home with propane. Last year I was paying $1.79 per gallon. This year, the company that supplies my propane stopped by and filled up my tank. I don’t have an automatic delivery schedule, so at first I was a little, lets say annoyed or maybe more confused. I called, asked why and I was told that they were not sure why. Most likely a mix up. Let me say that I like my Propane provider a lot. They are Nolan Bottled Gas in Ravena. If you need propane for your home in the Capital Region, give them a call. Back to my story.

$1.79 last year. This fill up was$2.69. I’m reading online that due to the Propane shortage, prices are now over $4 per gallon. Ouch! I also have a wood pellet stove. I’m having a hard time finding pellets for that now, but that’s another story.

If you are a homeowner, consider having a home energy audit. I have attached the application here. The audit will most likely be free or at a reduced cost depending on income levels. Basically, a company comes in, hooks up a blower fan to the entrance to one of the homes exterior doors, and measures how much air infiltration is coming into the home. The contractor will write up a report with the recommended improvement. NYSERDA has options for low interest loans for the cost of the upgrades plus convenient payments on your utility bills. Click here for their website.

Saving hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bills plus a warmer home next winter will make you a happy camper for sure!